Flatline Rodent Soft Bait review part 1


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Flatline Soft Bait

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Flatline Rodent Soft Bait review part 1

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First Strike Soft Bait is a unique rodenticide bait from Liphatech that is highly effective against rats and mice. The softness of the bait makes it easy to secure on bait station rods. First Strike Soft Bait also has shown high acceptance by rodents, even when competing food sources are available. The unique bait packaging around each bait allows the aroma to escape, increasing the attractiveness of the product.

First Strike Soft Bait Rat/Mice Rodenticide Poison - 16 lbs 6666325

TakeDown Soft Bait Rodenticide 4 lb resealable BAG TakeDown soft bait is the first and only bromethalin soft bait for the professional pest control

TakeDown Soft Bait Rodenticide 4 lb BAG

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